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How does a pre-marital Investigation by a private detective Agent?

How to do a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation my self A ton of the work done would rely on upon what sort of data the suspicious life partner to-be needs to know - is it in view of affirming data the planned has given? Or, on the other hand, is it adapted towards discovering what sort of privileged insights the future lady of the hour/spouse might stow away? 

How about we imagine that Mr. Superb is locked in to Ms. Terrific. Mr. Awesome has loads of cash and resources and family-claimed properties and trust reserves and such, and may, justifiably, need to be guaranteed that Ms. Astounding is truly the gem waiting to be discovered, the lady for him, and not somebody putting on a show to be all that with the aim of getting half of his property.  Conceived with the notorious silver spoon in his mouth
Mr. Magnificent and Ms. Fabulous have jabbered about their individual childhoods - he was conceived with the notorious silver spoon in his mouth and went to Yale. She was conceived with a plast…